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Associated with the Morehouse Area



Abernathy Hallie                        

Allbright Franklin Eugene                 

Alsup Willa (Deane)                   (Miss Willa)

Anderson Ebba R.                 

Ashmore Gloria                           

Beck Sondra                                       

Berry Anna                                       

Blackwell Virginia [Dockings] [Rice]    

Bohannon John                                        

Brantly Miss                                              

Brentzell W. E.                                      

Brown Tommy L.                                    

Bruce                                               (Coach)

Bryant John Lester Dr.  (John offered his final submission for a Doctorate in International Business shortly before he was killed.  It is not known if he received this recognition posthumously.)

Bryant Marshall "Sonny"

Carroll Bob         (Twin)


Coppage James Harden Jr.                         

Coppage Phillip G.                                    

Cozean F. A.                                   

Crouthers Florence [Hight]                     

Daniels Elizabeth (Hoehn)                       

Daniels Otis                                              

Davis Madge                                  

Davis Millus R.                    (Co. School Superintendent)

Deane  Miss

Deane Willa [Alsup]               (Miss Willa)      

Decker Mr.

Dockings Virginia (Blackwell) [Rice]            

Ellis J. F.                                        

Evitts J. C. Mr.

Ferrell Guy V.  Dr.                                    

Flowers Mr.                                     

Frank James H.                      

Garrison Fern                             

Giddens W. Larkin                        

Glover Fred                                  

Greer Barbara                                  

Haldiman Carl                                   

Hale C. S.                                           

Harrod W. E.  "Gene"                       

Hart Bonnie                                       

Hart James Earl "Jim"                       

Hewitt James L.

Hight Florence (Crouthers)          

Hill Mabel [Newby]                   

Hoehn Elizabeth [Daniels]       

Holder Larry                             

Howard Basil Irie                     

Hughes Mae

Humphreys Jake                                  

Jackson Horace L.                               

Keaton Ola                               

Kinnaman Asa                             

Kinney T. R.                                

Liley Floyd W.                    (Co. School Superintendent)

Lowe J. B.                                

Lowe Joe                                  

Lowe Naidene                          

Martin Nancy                                   

Massey Mary Julia                            

Masterson Byron                               

Masterson Hazel [Wallace]                

Masterson Ralph                                

Matthews Thomas Jack                         

McCann W. Alton                            

McIntyre LaRita                                    

McKenzie George                                   

McNabb Clara                                     

Meyer Louis                                           

Miller Robert "Bob"                       

Mitchell Goldie                               

Mocabee Kate                              

Moeller  Mrs.                                           

Moeller Robert "Bob"                            

Moll Janet                                      

Moore Miss.

Moring Frank C.                                  

Newby Mable (Hill)                    

Payne Allen                             

Perkins Phyllis                         

Peters Julia                               

Pruneau Charles                     

Rahm Jean                               

Ralph Harold                           

Ray Kate E.

Reasoner John W.  Dr.

Reaves Charles                                 

Reynolds Nellie             (Miss Nellie)                                 

Reynolds Thelma Irene  (Miss Thelma )                       

Rice Virginia (Blackwell) [Dockings]            

Rodgers Irene                                    

Rowell Mary Otie                               

Ruble Pauline                                    

Ryan Thad B.                               

Sexton Ralph L.                          

Shown Mrs.

Shown Vernon E.                        

Shuppert Helen                           

Simmons Arthur U.                

Sixbey David H. Dr.                             

Smith  Miss                                

Smith Florence                                

Smith Lucille                         

Spence Mrs.

Stein Oscar                                  

Stevens James A. or E.           

Stokes Mr.                                      (Coach)

Street E. E.                              

Swan L. O.                                      

Talbot Marilyn                               

Tate Lillie                            (Negro School)

Taylor Armetha

Teal Paul H.                            

Tyler Lawanda "Toots"                  

Wallace Hazel (Masterson)              

Watson Michael "Mike"              

Wilborn William                           

Wiley J. A.                                     

Wilkerson W. W.                           

Wilson M. O.                                 

Winters Mayme                      

Wooten James  Mrs.                          

Zimmerman Orpha