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These are "A" Names that were in part used in the first three Volumes of "Morehouse Missouri".  Volume IV will have many more names than listed here with included information.

Name – Last, first, second, "nickname", (Nee), [Married to], Reference


Abbott Barbara, HS 53

Abbott Gene, NPJL

Abell Lewis, NPMH 7 PBM  HA

Abell Mark, NPMH 7 PBM HA

Abernathy Barbara Ann [Dodge], ICM 63  HS 63

Abernathy Bonnie [McCool], ICM 56 HS 56

Abernathy Brenda S., HS 66

Abernathy Carolyn [Lane], ICM 58 HS 58

Abernathy Cordia, GR 2

Abernathy Dennis, HS 54

Abernathy Fern, GR 4

Abernathy Hallie                         (Teacher), PBM

Abernathy Herbert, HS 61 GR1

Abernathy J. H., MS

Abernathy Mary, NPJL

Abernathy R. Homer, GR 3

Ables Cline                                  (Reverend), GR 602

Abney Lovina [Lewis], NPMH 17

Absher C. R., NBCR-MW

Absher Charles, N

Absher Clides, NBCR-MW

Absher Dock, HS 54

Absher Helen (Mosley), NPJL

Absher Margery [Eakers], PNDF

Acord Kaye, HS 56

Acord Sharron, HS 59

Adams Buelah Lee, GR 5

Adams David E., NBCR-MW

Adams Dr., D2

Adams Ernest, GR 510

Adams Ethel, GCB 27

Adams Etter Mrs., Gr 6

Adams Florence, NPJL

Adams Floyd Lee, NPO

Adams Gene, NPO

Adams Gregory, NPO

Adams Homer Edward, NPO

Adams Howard, NBCR-MW

Adams Jerry                           (Reverend), NPO

Adams Joseph Paul, NPO

Adams June [Young], NPO

Adams Lloyd Allen, NPO

Adams Lola Mae [Butler], GR503

Adams Matthew Scott, NPO

Adams Mrs. (Jenkins), GR 510

Adams Paul Alfred, Gr 7

Adams Saundra, N

Adams Shirley (Eaton), N  MS

Adams Tina, N

Adams Violetta [McKnight], NPO MS

Adams Vivian (Fulkerson) [Chaney] [Wimberley], GR659 NPO

Adams Walter Jr., GR 659 GR 668

Adams Walter Sr., GR 8 GR 302 GR 668

Adank Gordon                     (Reverend), GR 668

Adkins Elvin, NPJL

Adkins Esther , NPJL

Adkins J. E., VM2

Adkins Milam T. "Milo", NPJL NPO

Adkins Pearl, GR 495

Adkins Sarah Jane (Anderson), NPJL

Adkins William Taylor, GR 9

Agan Jane Ann (Poiner), NPO

Agee Daryl, NPO

Agee Ellis, NBCR-MW

Agee Ellis Jr. “Sonny”, HS 63

Agee June (Curry), HS 59 NPO

Ahlfield Steve, NBCR-MW

Akisson Etta A. [Randolph], GR425

Alberson Buddy, NBCR-mw

Alberson Marion, NBCR-mw

Albriton Joyce, GR 574

Albritton Ella, GR 574

Albritton Hunter, GR 10

Albritton John B., GR 403

Alcorn Billy Darrell, NP

Alcorn Bonnie Sue, NP

Alcorn Darrell, NP

Aldrich Audrey [Beck], NP

Aldrich Gene D., NPLB

Alexander  [Jones], HA

Alexander Carrie, NP

Alexander Don, HA

Alexander Miss. [Jones], HA

Alexander W. E., NPMH 21

Alford Linda, HS 68

Algar Junior, HA

Allbright Charles B., GR 11

Allbright Franklin Eugene                  (Teacher), HS 50

Allbright Gail, HS 55

Allbright Gladys, HA

Allbright Janet [Yenne], HS 51

Allbright Marilyn, HS 51

Allbright Rita Jean, HS 48

Allbright Vara G., GR 12

Allen Albert O., HA

Allen Bill, HA

Allen David (Mrs.), NPMH 6

Allen Dennis, NPJL

Allen E. O., VM2

Allen Glen, HA

Allen James, NPO

Allen June, HA

Allen Lela Elaine [Seagraves], NPO

Allen Les, NPJL

Allen Perry, VM2

Allen Very, GCB 27

Alligood Darlene (Stephens) [Donner], NPO HS 65

Alliston Hazel Irene [Wilson] , GR643-440

Alsup Castor, NPJL

Alsup Chester, VM2

Alsup Roy E., GR 13

Alsup Uvie, VM2

Alsup Willa (Deane)              (Teacher), GR240-14

Anderson Aaron, HS 49

Anderson Claud, GCB 41

Anderson Ebba R.                  (Teacher), ART 50

Anderson G. B.                     (Reverend), GR 491

Anderson John P. , NPMH 33

Anderson M. G. Dr., GR 469

Anderson Margie, HA

Anderson Rhoda [Brown], GR464

Anderson Sabie [Jackson], GR552

Anderson Sarah Jane [Adkins], NPJL

Andrews Alta Mae [Hicks], LVIF

Andrews Ansel, HS 29

Andrews Nina [Ferrell], GR186

Appleton Brian, NPO

Appleton Jerry, NPJL

Appleton Joy (Bryant), NPO HS 56

Appleton Karla, NPJL

Appleton Larry, NPO

Appleton Leon, HS 65

Appleton Margaret, HS 67

Appleton Shirley [Haynie], HS 62

Armstrong Cortis Lee, GR a1

Armstrong Gertrude, PBM

Armstrong Iva, HA

Armstrong Julia Elnora (Sanders), GR 15  HA

Arnold Billy, NPLB

Arnold Louis, NPLB

Arnold Lucille, NPMH 4

Arnold Nettie [Reed], GR598

Arnold Perry, HA

Arsta Marvin, NPJL

Arterberry Alma (Ferrell), GR 17

Arterberry Vernie, GR 16

Ashcroft Mr., HA

Asher Donald Eugene, GR 18

Asher Elbert G., GR 511

Asher Lena Mae (Ray), GR511

Asher Ona [Dial], NPO

Ashley Ben, NPJL

Ashley H.  Jr.  Dr., GR 538

Ashmore Gloria                           (Teacher), ART 50

Atkins Milam, NPJL

Atkinson Elizabeth Viola [Kohl], BRSD 1271

Atkinson Elsie [Proud], GR664

Atkinson Frank C., GR 572

Atkinson Howard, VM2

Atkinson Nellie (Johnson), GR572

Atkinson Sleepy, HA

Atkinson Thomas Baker, GR19-572

Atkisson Basil, NPMH 21

Atkisson Byrde (Bynum), NPMH 21

Audibert [Tickell], HA

Audibert Amel A. , OBH

Audibert Anice [Ray] [Tickell], BGS

Audibert Louisa A. (Anice ?)  [Mrs. M. J. Tickell], HA  OBH

Autry Jane [Landers], GR498

Averett Nancy [Caldwell], GR91

Averett Ruth, HS 29

Avert Kenneth, HA

Avery Lou, HA

Aycock Gene, HA NP

 (Volume IV adds many times more names than given here.)