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These are "T" Names that were in part used in the first three Volumes of "Morehouse Missouri".  Volume IV will have many more names than listed here with included information.

Name – Last, first, second, "nickname", (Nee), [Married to], Reference


Tackett Carl, NBCRmw

Tackett David, NPJL

Tackett Tish, HA

Tackwell Jordan, GR432

Tackwell Mary (Watson), GR432

Taft   (a horse), PBM

Tager Shirley [Coppage], GR651

Takadayashi Faye (Maloney), NPO

Talbot Marilyn   (Teacher), HS 66

Talley Levy, HA   NPLB

Tanner Dent, HS 53

Tanner James, NPO

Tarpley Harley, NPJL

Tarpley Helen, HS 53

Tarpley Ida, NPJL

Tarpley John, NPJL

Tarpley Mildred [Ray] [Berry], INMS MB

Tarpley Pearl, NPJL

Tarrants Delorise Darline [Miller], Internet ICM 70

Tarrants Franklin “Frank”, Internet

Tarrants Harold “Carter Coon”, HA  VM2

Tarrants June, HA

Tarrants John S. “Bud”, Internet VM2

Tarrants Lavada [Greer], N

Tarrants Michael, HS 67

Tarrents Darline [Miller], ICM 70

Tarrants William “Bill”,

Tate Allen   (Negro), HA

Tate John    (Negro), HA

Tate Lillie    (Negro – Teacher), HA

Taul Appalone, NPJL

Taul Betty (Newby), GR580-639

Taul Betty (Newby), GR639-580

Taul Brenda, VMG

Taul Dick, NPO

Taul Dorothy, GR616

Taul Edna (Barringer or Beahringher), GR580-616-635

Taul Ernest James "Granny", GR580-635-616

Taul James, VMV

Taul James Dee, GR580-639

Taul Jerry Lee, GR581-635

Taul Jim, NPJL

Taul Margaret "Maggie" [McLaurin], GR380-639-670

Taul Over J., GR639

Taul Owen, NPJL

Taul Robert Ernest, GR582-616

Taul Sue, GR635

Taylor  (Reverend), GR451

Taylor Anne, GR427-442

Taylor Armetha, N

Taylor Barbara, HS 64

Taylor Betty, HS 41

Taylor Bob, Hs 52

Taylor Bonnie Sue, HS 66

Taylor Calvin, NP

Taylor Don, NP

Taylor Florance "Maudy", GR583

Taylor Forrest E., GR585-562

Taylor Gene, HS 56

Taylor Helen (Case), HS 61 NP ICM

Taylor Ida, NPJL

Taylor Jack, HA

Taylor James "Jimmie", HS 56  ICM

Taylor John, VM2

Taylor Judith Carol [Mather], HS 64  ICM

Taylor Lonnie, NBCRmw

Taylor M. J.  Jr., VM2

Taylor Manuel J., GR584 ART

Taylor Margaret (Mitchell), NP

Taylor Mona, HS 49

Taylor Myrtle [Hacker], GR442

Taylor Nora Vinas (Coats), GR585-562

Taylor Pappy, N

Taylor Patrica, HS 67

Taylor Paul, NBCRmw

Taylor Paul Stanley, GR586 NBCRmw

Taylor Sarah L., GR587

Taylor Shirdee Gene, HS 63  ICM

Taylor Thomas J.,

Taylor Walter, HS 41

Teague Gary, NPJL

Teal Paul H.  (Teacher), HA

Terrell David, NPJL

Terry Joe, GR588

Terry Mae (Lee), GR667

Terry Nancy (Mays), GR588-489

Terry Robert, GR667

Terry Stella E. [Reed], GR453-667

Tetley Margaret, HS 47

Tetley Robert, NP

Thomas E. W. "Bunch", PBM

Thomas Family  (girls), PBM

Thomas Jason, NPJL

Thomas Randy  (Reverend), GR662

Thomas Renee, NPJL

Thomason Lynn, VM2

Thomason Virgil, VM2

Thompson Caroline, N

Thompson Clara [Hunt], NPMH 34

Thompson Doss, GR374-378

Thompson Elbert D., GCBgr34

Thompson Elizabeth (Powers), GR589-455

Thompson Emma (Hart), NPO

Thompson Frant, GR590

Thompson Guy, VM2

Thompson Jeff, HA  NP

Thompson Joe, GR591-519 NBCRmw

Thompson Louise, HS 41

Thompson Mack, VM2

Thompson Pamela Jean, GR591

Thompson Reba, HS 52

Thompson T. E.  "Tommy", NPO

Thompson Thomas, GR455

Thornburgh Betty (Headlee), NPO  HA

Thornburgh Robert "Bob", VM2

Thornsberry Bill, HA

Thornton "Sug", HA

Thornton Aileen, HA

Thornton Fred  Dr., D5

Throgmorton H. B.  Dr., GR589  D3

Tickell "Dud", HA

Tickell (Audibert), HA

Tickell (Satterwhite), HA

Tickell (Watson), HA

Tickell Anice (Audibert) [Ray], BGS   HA

Tickell Bill, HA

Tickell Burwell, GR592

Tickell Eida [Grider], GR234-216 NPLB  HA

Tickell Elizabeth C. [Mozier], BGS

Tickell Ella D. [Boone], GR50    HA

Tickell Family, PBM

Tickell Fred, HA  NPLB

Tickell Fred  Mrs. (Watson), HA

Tickell Grace (Satterwhite), HA

Tickell L. A. "Buck"  Jr., NPMH 12 HA  PBM

Tickell L. A. Jr. Mrs. (Satterwhite), HA

Tickell Laura, BGS

Tickell Lavinia (Stallcup), BGS

Tickell Leila (Summers), OBH

Tickell Leila [Pinnell], OBH

Tickell Lloyd, HS 29

Tickell Louis Alfred Sr., BGS  HA

Tickell Louisa A. (Audibert), HA

Tickell M. F., OLL POD

Tickell Madison Jackson, BGS NPMH INOBH-LL

Tickell Martha Caroline [Pierce], BGS

Tickell Mary Elizabeth [Hunter], BGS

Tickell Matthew?  J., HA  POD

Tickell Mayme [Wilson], HA

Tickell Nettie [Pinnell], HA

Tickell Sallie Louisa, BGS

Tickell Saphronia [Cline], GRwfh GRN

Tickell William Adolph, BGS

Tickwell William, VM2

Tidwell  Mrs., GCB 27

Tidwell Bruce, INMV-MS

Tidwell Debbie, NPJL

Tidwell Marty [Vanover], INMV-MS

Tiederman, GR593

Tieterman Arthur, GCB 41

Tindle Clyde, HA

Tippy   (Killed in Canalou), HA

Tipton Foster L., FC7

Tisdale Pat, HS 52

Toby Shows, HA

Todd Althea Virginia (Crain), GR594-527-573

Todd Ann, HS 50  ART

Todd Bud, ART

Todd Edgar Leroy, GR595 VM2 NP30  PN

Todd Garry, HS 53

Todd Grace Ann (Bratton), GR596-549-600

Todd Joe, HS 28 NP30

Todd Joe, HS 53 INPLFjr

Todd Joseph T  Jr., N

Todd Joseph T  Sr., GR597  PN GCB 44

Todd Libby, HS 58

Todd Margaret (Fevhr), GR549

Todd Mildred (Tucker), GR598-76

Todd Taylor Garfield, GR599-600

Tolbert Kelly  (Reverend), GR623

Tonelli George  Dr., D2

Torbet Steve, NPJL

Towe Alvin, NPJL

Towe Charles, I-Goode

Towe David, NPJL

Towe Joe, NPJL

Towe Ronnie, NPJL

Towel Alvie J., GR600 VM2

Towel Mary E., GR601

Towery F. L., GR602

Towery Frank Lon, GR585

Towery Gus G., INRT  GR

Towery Jim, INRT

Towery Juanita [Minich], GR652-634-391 HS 28

Towery Lottie (Towery), GR602-585

Towery Lottie [Towery], GR585-602

Towery Lottie C. (Son), GR576-634

Towery Lyman, GR603-634

Towery R. L., GR602-634-585-576

Towery Rick, HS 65

Towery Robert "Bob", FT

Towery Robert L., GR585

Towery Susie, GR576

Towery Vicki, ART

Towlrie Jimmie, NPJL

Towlrie Raymond, NPJL

Townsend Howard, GR604

Townsend Mary (Scoville), GR444

Townsend W. P., GR604

Trail Margaret E. [Ferrell], GR F10

Trammel Gladys, HS 44

Tranbitz  Dr., D

Treece Clara or Clora Mae [Twitty], GR606-468?-465 NPO

Treece Iva Mabel (Williams), NPO

Treece Lloyd Edward, VM2   NPO

Treece Oley Lee, NPO

Treece U. T., HA

Treece Yutteve [Crowley], HS 29 NPO

Triplett Jasper, NBCRmw

Triplett Sally, GR663

Trombetta Barbara Faye (Wimberley) [DeMonia], NPO FT

Trovillian Opal, GR605

Trovillion Margot [King], ICM 54

Trovillion Penn, VM2

Trovillion Rose, ART

Troxel Roland, VM2

True Eula [Lemming], HA

Truman Harry S.  (President of USA), HA

Tucker Chuck   (City Marshal), NPJL

Tucker Donald, NBCRmw

Tucker Gloria Adkins, HS 63

Tucker James, VM2

Tucker Max L., NBCRmw

Tucker Mildred [Todd], GR598-76

Turner Emma [McVey], GR384-380

Turner Winifred E. [Hammock], NPO

Twitty Clara or Clora May (Treece), GR606-468?-465 NPO

Twitty Dale, HS 52

Twitty James, GR607

Twitty John Francis, GR608

Twitty Lucian Lee, GR609-465

Twitty Lucian Y., GR607-419-610?

Twitty Lynn, NPLB

Twitty Malcolm, GR606-465

Twitty Sandra, HS 53

Tyler    (Reverend), GR452

Tyler Lawanda "Toots"  (Teacher), HS 59

Tyler Michael "Mike", HS 60

Tyson Claude, HA INRT

Tyson Clyde E., VM2

Tyson girl, HA

Tyson old man, HA

Tyson sisters, HA