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These are most of the sources thus far used in the present three-volume history of Morehouse.  Only three volumes have thus far been completed and none are intended to be offered for sale or publication during the author's lifetime.


Sorry, no information can be released about any of these interview sources except as indicated below. 






All book reference material is in the possession and ownership of the author.


A Dynasty of Western Outlaws - Paul I. Wellman

A History of Southeast Missouri - Goodspeed

Babe The Legend Comes to Life - Robert W. Creamer

Bible, Family - Dr. Pease

Collier's Encyclopedia - P. F. Collier & Son Corp., NY

Ford - Booton Herndon

History of Southeast Missouri 1912 - Robert Sidney Douglass

History of Stoddard County - Robert H. Forister

Jim the Wonder Dog - Clarence Dewey Mitchell

Line of Departure: Tarawa - Martin Russ

Missouri Midland State - Earl Collins & Felix Snider

Missouri Mother of the American West - Charles Phillips

Mr. Roosevelt's Steamboat - Mary Helen Dohan

Old Reynolds - Cletis R. Ellinghouse

Our State of Missouri - Thomas J. Walker & Luther Hardaway

Paths of Resistance - David Thelen

Sam Hildebrand Guerrilla - Carl W. Breihan

Stories of Southeast Missouri - Allan Hinchey

The Barrymores - James Kotsilibas-Davis

The Deadly Element - Lennard Bickel

The Headlee Anthology(Advanced full length version 594 pp)  - William "Bill" Headlee

The History of Scott County, Missouri - Edison Shrum

The Lynching of Cleo Wright - Dominic J. Capeci Jr.

The Navigator - Zadok Cramer

The New Madrid Earthquake - Myron L. Fuller

The New Madrid Earthquakes - James Lal Penick Jr.

The Raft - Robert Trumbull

The Real New Madrid Earthquakes - Edison E. Shrum

The Rise and Fall of Jesse James - Robertus Love

The Sports Encyclopedia of Baseball - David Neft and Richard Cohen

Ship's Cruise Book - USN

We Thought We Heard the Angels Sing - James C. Whittaker

Who Financed Hitler - James and Suzanne Pool



Grave locations.


Graves Registration - Volume 1 & 2

            Personal Field Notes 1958-2001 by "Morehousian"

Old Funeral Home Records

Old Records (See Records)

Stoddard County Cemeteries

         1842-1971 with separate Index

The Stoddard County Historical Society

New Madrid County Cemetery Inscriptions

                 Jane Vann and Vera Ashley



Internet Sources

All internet sources are presently kept confidential.

Confidential - NA

Confidential - NA

Confidential - NA

Confidential - NA

Confidential - Arkansas

Confidential - California

Confidential - California

Confidential - Kentucky

Confidential - Mississippi

Confidential - Missouri

Confidential - Missouri

Confidential - Missouri

Confidential - Missouri

Confidential - Ohio

Confidential - Texas

Confidential - Texas

Confidential - Texas





Delta Metro - Man's Magazine - 1952

Rural Missouri (several) - Electrical Cooperative

The Civil War in Missouri 1861-1865 - A State Publication

The Little River Drainage District of Southeast Missouri 1907-Present

1989 Publication of the Little River Drainage District





Daily Sikeston Standard - Sikeston, Missouri

Daily Standard ("Information Please") - Sikeston, Missouri

Morehouse Hustler - Morehouse, Mo.     Claud B. Hay

Newspapers Unknown - (Collections of sections and clippings thereof)

The Bloomfield Vindicator - Bloomfield, Missouri

The Democrat Adviser - Sikeston, Missouri

The Sikeston Standard - Sikeston, Missouri

The Southeast Missourian

The St. Louis Post Dispatch - St. Louis, Mo.

The Standard Democrat - Sikeston, Missouri

The Washington Post - 29 August 1985

The Weekly Kansas City Star - Kansas City, Mo.







Primary Oral  interviews

(by direct questioning and answering or…)

Taped, phone, shorthand, formal and informal.


Allie Shaffar - Morehouse resident

Alton Bohannon - Morehouse businessman

Ashley Craig - Morehouse resident

Bill Jones - Morehouse resident

Bonnie Chasteen - Carpenter Cemetery

Byron "Colonel" Patterson - Morehouse resident

Cleve Brawley - Morehouse Mill worker - Pastor

Clyde G. Hill - Morehouse resident

Confidential -  12 212 - Morehouse School Board

Confidential -  12 4146 - Missouri resident

Confidential -  55 59 - Morehouse resident - Freemason

Confidential -  6432 945 - Missouri resident

Confidential -  71 4a - Morehouse School teacher

Confidential -  76 4146a - California resident

Confidential -  85 15 - Morehouse resident

Confidential -  hi55 - Illinois resident

Cowboy Dalton - Madison Co. resident

Daisy M. Malone - Relative of Dr. E. J. Malone

David E. Blanton - Prosecuting attorney - Sikeston resident

Eleanor Fox - Morehouse resident & business woman

Elizabeth Daniels - Morehouse School teacher

Elvis "Brownie" Hinson - Morehouse resident

Estle Rogers - Morehouse resident and businessman

Frank McBain - Morehouse resident

Gene Potashnick - Construction contracting - Sikeston

Gene Rogers - Morehouse resident (Confidential)

Harold Lacy - Morehouse resident

Howard Dunaway - Sikeston businessman and Doctor

James Coppage - Morehouse School Principal & teacher

Jane (Chasteen) Hanback - Carpenter Cemetery

Jerry Ferrell - Historian and Genealogist

Jim Hackett - Sikeston Businessman

Joe Donner - Morehouse resident

Joe Fox  - Morehouse resident

John Lester Bryant - Sikeston Business man (Confidential)

Juanita Rogers - Morehouse Librarian

Judson Boardman - Sikeston Postal worker

K. D. Neal - Morehouse resident

Kathryn McBain - Morehouse resident

Katy Ray - Morehouse teacher (Confidential)

Laura Elliott - Movie Star - Morehouse born

Laverta Seals - Morehouse resident

Leland Love - Morehouse Freemason, resident and mill worker

Lowell "Sonny" Ferrell Jr. - Texas resident

Lowell Ferrell Sr. - Morehouse Mill worker

Marion A. Freeman - Morehouse resident - Sikeston

Marshall Bryant - Morehouse Mill worker and resident

Mavis W. Bryant - Morehouse resident (Confidential)

Myrtle Welsh - Sikeston business woman

Naomi Love - Morehouse resident - Alderman

Otis Daniels - Morehouse School Teacher

Owen Jones - Morehouse Mill worker and resident

Paul Bradshaw - Morehouse resident

Paul P. Ferrell - Morehouse resident and businessman

Pearl Weakley - Morehouse resident

R. Sylvester Lutes - Morehouse Mill worker

Ray Lambert - Sikeston resident

Raymond Crews - Sikeston businessman

Robert "Bob" Towery - Morehouse Mill worker - Advance

Rollie Rogers - Morehouse Mill worker

Rose (Hubbard) Bryant - Sikeston

Royal "Chug" Reeves - Morehouse Mill worker - Sikeston

Rudella (Grimes) Roslen - Morehouse High School

Sam Wilcox - WWI Bayonet Instructor - Sikeston

Sherman Ferrell - Morehouse resident and businessman

Sondra Beck - Morehouse School teacher

Stephen Parks - Doctor & Pathologist - Bloomfield, Mo.

Strawberry Stroud - Morehouse resident

Verna Cruse - Grayridge

Vernie Arterberry - Morehouse resident

Virginia Ferrell - Morehouse resident

Wiley "Ducky" Wofford - Morehouse resident

Willa Deane Alsup - Morehouse School teacher

William "Bill" Sikes - Descendent of John Sikes - Sikeston

William "Bubba" Spurlin - Morehouse resident

William P. "Squire" Headlee - Morehouse Historian, Fire Chief, son of first Mayor of Morehouse, Morehouse businessman, and a relative of Willard Duncan Vandiver (Confidential)

Willie Pulliam - Morehouse resident

Wilma Luster - Sister of Morehouse teacher - Poplar Bluff

Woodrow Head - Morehouse resident & businessman

Woodrow Proctor - Morehouse resident



Papers, phamplets and letters

Some in copy form and some are with original signatures.


A New Madrid County Publication.

A Project of High School Department, New Madrid County Teachers' Association - 1948

Otis Daniels - Letters

Ann Limbaugh - Letters

Dominic J. Capeci Jr. - Letters

Ethel M. (Holder) JacksonCalifornia - Letters - Family Tree & History

Jerry Ferrell - Letters

Laverta Seals - Letters

Mary K. Lee - Poplar Bluff - Letters

Mrs. Bill Porter and Porter family - Letters

Memories of Yester-years in Morehouse - Byron Masterson

Ministry Records - Cleve Brawley

Papers - Himmelberger-Harrison

Papers and Family Tree (Copy) - Roosevelt Sylvester Lutes

Personal papers and Memoirs - David Blanton

Plant News - Himmelberger Publication

Private Field Notes - "Morehousian"

State Census 1850 Record (Copy) - Law Firm, Sikeston, Mo.

The History of New Madrid, Missouri: Past to present. - Lisa Juenger

The Lynching of Cleo Wright: A Study - Lyman Russell Mitten II - 1974

The Royal Mummies of Deir El-Bahri - Gaston Maspero 512 pp –

Manuscript (French, translated by a Morehousian)





Corporate Records - Confidential

Funeral Home Records - Sikeston & Morehouse (Confidential)

Vietnam Memorial List - "The Wall" - Veterans

Army Air Training Center, Sikeston

Veterans Memorial for - World War 2 - Morehouse List



This list is presently incomplete.

See more below.







A secondary source is any individual that has made comments to one or more of the above direct primary interview sources, perhaps even long ago.  Secondary sources are not as dependable as a primary source but yet they should not be ignored.  Secondary sources can be good to verify the stories of others.


Example:  The primary source says, "He told me himself that when he was 10 years old, that the first time he came to Morehouse, he rode on a wagon beside his father and they had to drive around the stumps that were still in Beech Street.  He said you couldn't just drive straight down Beech Street then." 


"He" in the above statement is the Secondary source.



Secondary Oral Interviews and Comments


Albert "Sandy" Rhyons - Morehouse resident

Bill Headlee - Morehouse resident & businessman

Bill Hill - Morehouse resident

Charles Allbright - Morehouse resident

Charles Blanton Sr. - Sikeston businessman

Charles Rauch - Morehouse resident and businessman

Clyde Hubbard - Sikeston resident

Coleman Westerfield - Morehouse resident

"Colonel" Patterson - Morehouse resident

Cortis Lee Armstrong - Builder for Malone

Dan Mocabee - Morehouse resident

Delia (Bray) Phillips, Meford - New Madrid Co. resident

"Doff" Moseley - Morehouse businessman

Don Sarno - Morehouse Resident

"Dude" Riggs - Morehouse resident

Edward Walden - Morehouse Postmaster

Elmer C. Brawley - Reynolds Co. resident

E. J. Malone - Doctor and founder of Malone, Mo.

F. B. Rauch - Morehouse resident and businessman

Flavia Patterson - Morehouse nurse and resident

Fred Bray - Morehouse resident

Fred Ferrell - Morehouse resident

Fred Ledbetter - Morehouse resident

"Frostie" Hubbard - Morehouse-Sikeston resident

Gene Hendon - Morehouse resident & businessman

Hilary Boone - Morehouse resident

Hubert Pruett - Mill worker and resident

Jack Morgan - Business associate of Zula Craig

Jackson "Jack" McFarling - Builder for the Tickells

James B. Bell - Morehouse Doctor and resident

James Blaylock - Morehouse resident

James V. Baker - Morehouse resident

Jewell Scales - Morehouse resident

Joe Mocabee - Morehouse resident

Joe Parmley - Morehouse businessman

John Headlee - Morehouse resident and businessman

John Himmelberger - President of H&H Lumber Co.

Lillian Grossman - Morehouse resident and school teacher

Margaret Spence - Morehouse resident

Mark Abell - Morehouse resident and businessman

Martin Meyers - Morehouse resident

M. J. Tickell - Morehouse resident

O. M. Headlee - 1st Mayor of Morehouse and resident

Paul James - Morehouse resident

Pete  Kimmel - Morehouse resident

Sam Meadors - Morehouse City Marshal

Sam Sarno - Morehouse Doctor and resident

Shelly Logsdon - Morehouse resident

Sid Connelly - Morehouse resident

"Slim" Stinnett - Morehouse resident and Marshal

"Snowball" James - Morehouse resident and Marshal

Thomas G. Blackwell - Morehouse resident

Tobe Minich - Morehouse resident

"Tony" Caldwell - State Hwy Patrol

Walter Mocabee - Morehouse resident and businessman

William Blaylock - Morehouse resident

William Harrison - Vice-President of H&H Lumber Co.

Zula Craig - Morehouse resident & business woman


This list is presently incomplete.




“The intent of my effort is to

build a historic time-capsule of information

and hope that someday our great grandchildren will be able to

look upon us and gently smile.”