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These are "N-O" Names that were in part used in the first three Volumes of "Morehouse Missouri".  Volume IV will have many more names than listed here with included information.

Name – Last, first, second, "nickname", (Nee), [Married to], Reference



Nation Carrie, Mag

Nation Carry Amelia, HA  OBH

Nations Mrs. William (Schumacher), GR448

Nations Rosa Ann [Williams], GR448-642

Nations William, GR448

Nations William Mrs. (Schumacher), GR448

Neal Charley L., GR411 VM2 INPCF NP NPLB

Neal Connie, HS 64

Neal James R., VM2

Neal K. D., VM2 INSGF

Neal Lester, VM2

Neal Marie, GR412

Neal Milton, VM2

Neal Wilber, HS 41 VM2 KIA

Neel Olive [Hackett], GR644 NPO

Neely Olive [Dillon], GR557

Newby Betty [Taul], GR580-639

Newby Mable (Hill)  (Teacher), ART  N StotCoPlat

Newcomer Alberta, HS 28

Newcomer H. L., NPMH 27

Newhouse S. E., NPMH 31

Newman Losanie, NPJL

Newman Shirley, ART

Newton Beatrice, HS 57

Newton Benny Ragon, HS 66

Newton Cora, NPJL

Newton Darrell, HS 41 VM2

Newton Darrell E., HS 62 GR413

Newton Donna Sue [Bryant], HS 64

Newton Elliott, GR611

Newton Elma C. [Bryant], GR78   NPO

Newton Elvis, HS 54

Newton Eula, NP30

Newton Goldie, GCB 27

Newton Murrel, NBCRmw

Newton Patricia, HS 65

Newton Peggie, NPJL

Newton Wanda, NPJL

Newton Wayne, HS 48

Nichols Ellen [Noble], GR446

Nichols Marvin, NBCRmw

Nicholson Gary, N

Nienstedt E. J.  Dr., GR509  D

Nig    (dog), HA

Nigger Shorty   (Negro), N

Nimmo Jerry Ray, HS 60

Nimmo John, NP

Noble Anna Mae [Wilcox], GR640

Noble Cyrus, GR446

Noble Ellen (Nichols), GR446

Noble Vester, NPJL

Noble Virgie D. [Smith], GR446-555

Nolen Norma, HS 29 NP30

Nolen Virgil S., VM2

Norman Nannette [Crouthers], GR650

Norman W. W., HA

Northcutt Bruce Dwain, HS 62

Northcutt Charles, HS 67

Northcutt Linda, HS 59

Northcutt M. H., NBCRmw

Nun  Mr., HA

Nun Billy Don, HA

Nun Sally, HA

Nunn Rita (Harrison) [Busch] [Gaysford], BRSD 1260 HA

Nylon Ernest, NPJL


OBannon  Dr., D3

OBrien William A., NPMH 11

Oglesby  Dr., D1

OKelley H.  Dr., NPLB

Olive Mary [Griffin], GR506

Oliver Dearmont, HA

Oliver Mattie [Parmer], GR645

Oliver Ron, HS 67

Oliver Virgil, NPJL  PN

Oliver Willis, NBCRmw

ONeal O. E., VM2

Oppenheim Leo, GR496

Orban Louese (Carrington) [Moore], HS 41 NPO

Ordell Josie (Evans) [Smith], GR697 NPMH 18 NPO

Orphan Annie, HA

Orr Barbara Ann, HS 66

Orr Brenda [Stinnett], NPJL

Orr Carole Jean, HS 63 OPCF

Orr James, NPJL

Orr Raymond Edwin, HS 67

Orr Red george, NPJL

Orr Ronnie, VMV

Osborne Helen (Hess), PRDC

OShea  (Illinois Prosecuting Attorney.), HA

Overshow Wilma June [Bryant], GR597

Overton Gladys (Koonce), GR414-476

Overton Howard  (Reverend), GR670

Owen Doris, HS 41

Owens J. P., VM2

Owings Guy, HS 56

Owings Guy W., GR415 GCB 26

Owings Lucy J., GR416 GCB 26

Owings Nadine, NPJL

Owings Sue, HS 54

Owings Virgil "Bud", ART

Owings Virgil W., GR417 GCB 41

Owings Wanda, HS 48 ART