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These are "M" Names that were in part used in the first three Volumes of "Morehouse Missouri".  Volume IV will have many more names than listed here with included information.

Name – Last, first, second, "nickname", (Nee), [Married to], Reference


Mace Leo (Reverend), GR591 NPO

Mace Leora [Curry], NPO

Maddox  Family, HA

Maddox Pamela , NPJL

Madox Polly , GCB 26

Malcolm Pleasant M.  Dr., BRSD 1264

Mallot Leonard, NPO

Malone Albert D., GR337 BRSD

Malone Annette, HS 47

Malone Callie, GRM2

Malone Cassie (Regan), BRSD 1195

Malone Charles Lyle, GR338 BRSD 1195

Malone D. Henry, BRSD

Malone Daisy M., GR339-665 INDM

Malone Daniel E., INDM NPLB

Malone Earl Jackson, GR340-539-588NPLB BRSD1195

Malone Edna [Johnson], GR292-579

Malone Edna I. [Day], BRSD

Malone Effie Maude, GR341 BRSD1195

Malone Elba L., GRM5-719

Malone Elbert , BRSD

Malone Elias Jackson  Dr., GR342-537-575-579-588 NPLB NPMH OBH INDM BRSD

Malone Esther (Rigdon), NPLB

Malone Goldie E., GR343

Malone Hattie (Luna), BRSD 1195

Malone Hetty (McMullin), BRSD 1195

Malone I. N., GR703-704-M3

Malone James N., GRM4-718

Malone James Olen, GRM8-720

Malone John Raymond, GR344-575 BRSD

Malone John W., BRSD

Malone L. Calvin, BRSD

Malone Margaret "Maggie" (Mocabee), GR345-588 BRSD 1195 HA

Malone Mary Ethel (Bridges), GR346-575

Malone Mayme S., GR347

Malone Molly Horn (Wright), BRSD 1195

Malone Myrtle, GR537

Malone Nora A. (Kirby), GR348-579-588-703 INDM

Malone Ollie Otis, BRSD

Malone Paul Davis , GR579 NPLB

Malone Ruth Irene, GR349 BRSD

Malone Tom M., GR350

Malone William A., BRSD

Malone William B. (Jr.?), GR351-537 NPLB-BRSD

Malone Wright M., BRSD 1195

Maloney Carneice [Fulwider], NPO

Maloney Edith [Cissell], GRc7 NPO

Maloney Faye [Takadayashi], NPO

Maloney Geraldine [Moles], NPO

Maloney John, NPO

Maloney Stella (Pratt), NPO

Manning Barbara, HS 54

Manning Butch , N

Manning Julia (Watson) [Duncan], BRSD 1210

Manning Payton , BRSD 1210

Manning Rebecca [Price], HS 51 ART

Marciano Rocky, HA

Markley M. H. (Reverend), GR462

Marmaduke  (Governor), HA

Marsh Patricia A. (Fisher), NPO

Marshall  [Mrs. S. B. Crain], GR429-573 INDEB GR429

Marshall (Culbertson), NPO

Marshall [Hearon], N

Marshall Althea [Crain], GR573 INDEB

Marshall B. F., INDEB

Marshall Benjarmin W., GRM7-596-698

Marshall Bernita Lou (Hillis), GR352-611-617

Marshall Glenn, NPO

Marshall Harold D., HS 52  NPO GR698-596

Marshall I. H., NPMH 24

Marshall Ike, HA

Marshall Jim "Rat", INDEB

Marshall John E., INDEB

Marshall Luvena A. [Worley] [Patterson], GR424-698-W1 NPO

Marshall Milli Ann, GRM6 NPO GR596-698

Marshall Mrs. Glenn (Culbertson), NPO

Marshall Ray , INDEB

Marshall Ray III, GR353-617

Marshall Ray Jr., GR352-611-617

Marshall Susie, GR354-576-596

Marshall Tom, HA

Marshall W. H., NPMH21-31-24

Marshall William Frank, GR355-576-596 INRT

Martin A. D.  Dr., GR541-2 NP

Martin Floetta, HS 61

Martin J. P., VM2

Martin John, GR509

Martin Mary [DeGroat], GR565

Martin Mrs. S., GR356

Martin Nancy (Teacher), NPMH 4

Martin Wilson, VM2

Marvel William S., NBCRmw

Mason  Family, PBM

Mason Hugh (Negro), OBH

Mason Lavonne, NPO

Mason Louis, NPMH 12

Maspero Charles Gaston, HA

Massey Imogene (Ross), HS 60

Massey L.  (Reverend), GR529

Massey M. A. (Reverend), GR428-458 ART

Massey Mary Julia  (Teacher), HS 44

Masters E. J.  Dr., GR615

Masterson [Mrs. Peter T. Kimmel], HA GR301

Masterson Byron  (Teacher), HA PBM

Masterson Elmer, NPJL

Masterson Hazel [Wallace] (Teacher), HA PBM

Masterson Jerry , NPJL

Masterson Juanita , HA

Masterson Kenneth R., HA

Masterson Ralph (Teacher), HA PBM

Masterson Sally (Hart), NPO

Mather Judith Carol (Taylor), HS 64

Mathis Billie , HS 41

Mathis Evelyn , NP 30

Mathis Grace Pearl (Wooldridge), GR643

Mathis Robert, IBCR

Mathis William Hartzell, GR359-643 PBM

Matingly Duard, NPJL

Matthews A. J., NPMH 11

Matthews Arthur, NPJL

Matthews Caleb, NPMH 18

Matthews Mary Margaret (Posey), GR512

Matthews Thomas Jack  (Teacher), HS 60

Matthews William Sheridan, GR360

Matthews Zachary Taylor, GR512

Matthis Glen, GR357

Matthis Grace Pearl (Wooldridge), GR358-643 INOBH

Maulsby Leslie , VM2

Mausby John, GR7

Maxim Joey, HA

Maxwell  (City Marshall), INCGH

Mayfield A. A.  Dr., D

Mayfield Edgar, NPMH 12

Mayfield Martin Dean  Dr., GR361

Mays Blanche [Jones], GR630-657

Mays Charles Mitchell, GR559

Mays Dee, HS 49

Mays Fraulein, HS 49

Mays Irwin, GR489

Mays Laura (Cole), GR559

Mays Lloyd, GR362-559

Mays Martha (Wells), GR489

Mays Martha (Wells), GR489

Mays Nancy [Terry], GR489-588

Mays Virginia , GR559

McAnulty Ronald, NBCRmw

McArthur Douglas, HA

McBain Amelia Barbara (Wetz), GR363-563

McBain Frank A., GR364-563

McBain Kathryn L. (Dr. Sarno's Nurse), GR365 NPO


McBrown Johnnie, HA

McCain (Brothers) , NPJL

McCain Alice Carol , HS 62 NPW NPLB

McCain Buddy G. "Arkie", GR366 NPO

McCain Charley, PN

McCain Howard, NPJL

McCain Patricia "Trish" (Brewer), PNDF

McCain Pauline L., GR367

McCain Red, PN

McCain William , PNDF

McCan Juanita [Bailey], NPLB

McCann W. Alton (Teacher), ART

McCann W. O., VM2

McClain Hunter, NPO

McClain W. E., NBCRmw

McClanahan Charles C., GR368

McClanahan Newton, GR416

McClanahan Rebecca (Cude), GR416

McClard J. D., NPJL

McClarty Larry (Reverend), GR580

McClendon Shirley (Sheeter), ICM 50

McClure Thomas C.   Dr., GR511 INDEB

McConnell Athel, GR589

McConnell B. E., GR370

McConnell Basil Eugene, GR369-581-591

McConnell Evelyn (Ross), GR589-591

McConnell Maggie (Reynolds), GR589

McConnell Sharon Jean, GR370-591

McConnell T. B. , HS 29 NPO

McCool Bonnie (Abernathy), ICM 56

McCormick Geneva, GR371

McCormick Helen (Slattion), GR431

McCormick Isaac, GR371

McCoy Ocel, ART

McCoy Thomas, ART

McCrary Loren (Reverend), GR614

McCulley Eugene, NBCRmw

McCulley Floyd, NBCRmw

McCullough Jane (Lemmons), NPO

McDaniel "Hookem", NPJL

McDaniel Nathan , VM2

McDonald Amaryllis Ann (Bohannon), HS 64  ICM

McDonough T. A. (Reverend), GR572

McElrath Gerald, VM2

McFadden Bernard, HA

McFarling  Columbia Hayden, GR373 OBH

McFarling  Family, OBH

McFarling Anna L. (Smith), GR372-622

McFarling Bill, HA

McFarling Branson , GR474  HA

McFarling Carlin, OBH

McFarling Clemet Jackson "C. J.", HS 63

McFarling Dorothy [Hight]       See Height, NP 30 NPJL

McFarling Elmo, HA

McFarling Ethel (Comer), GR622

McFarling George William, GR374-217-474

McFarling Harry , GR377-200-474 NPMH12,23 NBCRmw HA

McFarling Harry Emil, NPMH 23

McFarling Jackson C. "Jack", GR375-622 HA OBH

McFarling John C., NPMH 23 GR376

McFarling John Harmon, GR377-200

McFarling Lara Belle, OBH

McFarling Mildred (Warfield), GR377-200 NPMH 23

McFarling Myrtle, OBH

McFarling Robert Harry, GR378-622

McFarling Sherrie , HS 51 ART

McFarling William, NPMH 5

McGee David , NR

McGee Elizabeth [Cline], BRSD 1137

McGee Pauline [Worley], GR620

McGuffey Emma [Rodgers], GR475 NPO

McGuire Katy , GR379-493

McGuire William Jr., GR379

McGuire William Sr., GR493

McGuirt Britt , NP

McHenry Harry, BRSD 1204

McHenry Norma (Hoskins), BRSD 1204

McIntyre Candy, HS 66

McIntyre Duke, NPJL

McIntyre LaRita (Teacher), HS 66

McIntyre Ronnie, NPO

McKenzie George (Teacher), HS 68

McKinley (President), OBH

McKinley Kevin James, NPJL

McKinney J. B.  Dr., D PBM

McKnight Carl, N

McKnight Linda, N

McKnight Pauline [Jones], GR297

McKnight Violeta (Adams), NPO

McLaurin Helen (Chaney), GR670

McLaurin Margaret "Maggie" (Taul), GR380-639-670

McLaurin Peter Lawrence, GR670

McLaurin Philip Loren, GR381-670

McMikle Elgin (Coroner), GR572

McMullin B. L.  Dr., D

McMullin Floyd, NBCRmw

McMullin Hetty [Malone], BRSD 1195

McNabb Clara (Teacher), PBM

McNabb J. J. , NPJL

McNabe  Woman, HA

McNew Hermon, ICM 39

McNew Ivan B. Sr., GR382 VM2

McNew Lydia Mae, GR383

McNew Phyllis, HS 59

McNew Shirley, HS 54

McQuirt Jannifer, HS 65

McRaven Clarence  Dr., D

McReynolds Bill, HS 41 VM2

McReynolds Bob, HS 50 ART

McReynolds Jim, HS 52

McRoy Pearline [Ferrell], N

McTernan Geraldine (?), NPO

McVay Ida May [Perkins], HA

McVey  Mrs. , NPW

McVey Emma (Turner), GR384-380

McVey Johnnie, VM2

McVey Lee , GR384-380

McVey Lillian "Burr Head", OBH

McVey Lloyd, VM2

McVey R. L., GR384

McWilliams Freddie, HS 48

Meador Susie [Walden] [Burton], GR74-627 NPHM 16

Meadors Sam (City Marshal), INCGH HA INRR PBH

Mealey Ruth, GR385

Medbourn Betty (Fisher), HA  NPO

Medley Jim, NP

Meeks Willie Mae [Simpson], GR577

Mefford  Family, HA

Mefford Ann Delia [Phillips], HA

Melton B. F., NPJL

Melton Ruth [Stephens], NPO

Menees Chad, HA

Menees Charles, HS 47

Menees Patricia, HS 68

Mercer Dorothy, HA

Mercer Urie, HA

Meredith James  (Judge), HA

Meredith Jetti (Poiner), NPO

Merick Adah Louise , HS 49

Merick J. Walter, GR386 HA

Merick John, HA

Merick Louis, HA

Merick Mercedes, GR387

Merick Shirley, HS 47

Merrell  Mrs., HA

Merrell Lester, VM2 HA

Merriman Frances (James), NPO

Merriman Victor K., VM2

Mescott  Dr., D

Messelburger Jimmy, NPJL

Metcalf Patricia, N

Meyer Louis  (Teacher), PBM POD

Meyers Claude , NPJL

Meyers Francis , NPJL

Meyers Prentis, NPJL

Meyers S. W., GR377

Meyers Samuel Henry, GR388

Michael Aubrey, HA

Micholson Don, HS 56

Middleton Arthur, HA

Middleton Bessie [Parmley], NPMH 20 GR418-206 HA

Middleton W. O.  (Reverend), GR587

Midget Marian (Carrington), NPO

Midgett Cora Bell, GRM12

Midgett Mettie E., GR389

Midgett Thomas W., GR390 VM2

Miederhoff Harold, HS 56

Miederhoff James Richard, HS 63

Miederhoff Pat, HS 58

Mike Gabrial, OBH

Milam Taft , NBCRmw

Milem Jacob Allen  Dr., BRSD 1235

Miles Ora Lee [Ferrell], GR187 NPO

Miles Taylor, HS 29

Millar Violet [Carpenter], GR599

Miller Aimee E. (Hammock), GRM1 NPO

Miller Darin, NPO

Miller Darline (Tarrants), ICM 70

Miller Dinnis, NPO

Miller Herbert , PBM

Miller Linda , HS 62

Miller Lyle , NPO

Miller Margaret (Dovers), ICM 59

Miller Marvin , VM2

Miller Ray, NBCRmw

Miller Robert "Bob" (Teacher), HS 48 VM2

Miller Robert Lee "Bob", HS 60

Miller Ron, NPO

Miller Roy, NPO

Miller T. V.  Dr., GR666

Millies Chester John  Dr., D

Mills Frank , HA

Mills M. C.  Dr., GR510

Minich , HA

Minich (Old Lady), HA

Minich (Old Man), HA

Minich Beatrice (Frye), GR652

Minich Eleanor, HA

Minich Ena [Hearon], HA

Minich George , VM2

Minich Juanita (Towery), HS 28 GR652-634-391

Minich Lucy , HA

Minich Ruben Tobey "Tobe", GR392-652 VM2 PN

Minich Seth "Seff", GR652 HA

Minnesota Fats , HA

Mitchell  Mrs., GR393

Mitchell Audie Bea [Baker], OBH

Mitchell Charles, VM2

Mitchell Clarence , PR-Fox

Mitchell Doris, HS 41

Mitchell Floyd, HS 41

Mitchell Floyd L. "Chug", VM2 OBH

Mitchell Goldie (Teacher), N

Mitchell Ivah, NP

Mitchell Lois , NP 30

Mitchell Margaret [Taylor], NP

Mix Tom, HA

Mocabee Aileen [Fisher], HA

Mocabee Allen, PBM HA

Mocabee Allred "Jack", HA

Mocabee Bradley , HA

Mocabee D. A., PBM OBH

Mocabee Daniel S., GR394-658-666 PN

Mocabee David A., GR395-539-658 PBM

Mocabee Earl, HA

Mocabee Ed, HA

Mocabee Eilene [Fisher], HA

Mocabee Ella, HA

Mocabee Heffy, HA

Mocabee Ina Mae [Duncan] [Rogers], HA

Mocabee Jim, HA

Mocabee Joe, NPMH 12 PBM HA

Mocabee John D., HA

Mocabee Joseph V., NPMH 12 GR396

Mocabee Kate (Teacher), PBM HA

Mocabee Kennith, HS 41

Mocabee Little Dude, HA

Mocabee Mabel (Johnson?), GR397 HA

Mocabee Maggie [Malone], GR345 HA

Mocabee Margaret "Maggie" [Malone], GR345-588 BRSD1195

Mocabee Mayme [Edwards] [Reynolds], HA

Mocabee Mildred [Parrish], HA

Mocabee Nannie M. (Watts), GR398-539-658

Mocabee Odell , HA

Mocabee Roy, HA

Mocabee Thelma (Sherrard), GR399   HA

Mocabee Vera E. (Cambron), GR400   HA

Mocabee Walter M., GR402 OBH

Mocabee Wavel E. (Stark), GR401-658-666 PN HS 29

Moeller  Mrs. (Teacher), N

Moeller Robert "Bob" (Teacher), N

Moir  Mr., HA

Moize Nancy, HS 49

Moles Geraldine (Maloney), NPO

Moll Janet  (Teacher), NPJL

Montana Belle, HA

Montgomery Burl, GR403

Montgomery J. C. Jr. (Reverend), GR588

Montgomery Joel A., GR404

Montgomery Mary Lou, GR404

Moody William, NP

Moon Pamela I. (Himmelberger?), NBCR

Moore   (Reverend), NPJL

Moore Annette    (Twin), HS 58

Moore Annette (Roberson), HS 60

Moore Archie , HA

Moore B. G., VM2

Moore Bernie , GCB 26

Moore Bessie , NPJL

Moore Bill, INCGH HA

Moore Bob   , HS 59

Moore E. M. , PN

Moore Eddie, HS 62

Moore Evelyn, HS 29

Moore Fred, NBCRmw

Moore Jeanette    (Twin), HS 58

Moore Jesse, NBCRmw

Moore Joan [Johnson], HS 65

Moore Lon , PN

Moore Louise (Carrington) [Orban], HS 41 NPO PN

Moore Morse, VM2

Moore O. L., VM2

Moore Ora Lee, NPO

Moore Sue (Parmer), HS 59

Moore Virginia "Ginny" [Wasbutsky] [Lutes], FT MS

Moore Winnie [Carrington], NPO

Morehouse Albert Pickett (Governor), HA MAG PBM

Morehouse Mary, HA

Morgan Arthur E., NPMH 11

Morgan George, HA

Morgan Hassel Lee, GR405

Morgan Jack, NPMH 12

Morgan Jack (aka), HA

Morgan Laverle, HS 59

Morgan Malinda , HS 56

Morgan Ray, GR447

Morgan S. F., NPMH 12

Morgan Shirley, HS 54

Moring Frank C.  (Teacher), HS 58

Morris Bill, HS 52 ICM

Morris Bonnie (Fowler), NPO

Morris Buddy , HS 50 ART

Morris C. B., VM2

Morris Sharon (Gill), HS 62

Morrison [Welsh], GR483

Morse Delsie, NPJL

Morse Eugene , N

Morse Kenneth "Kenny", HS 59

Morse Mary Ann, GRM10

Morse Odes, NPJL

Morse Orlin "Salty", GRM9

Morse Richard Dean "Ricky", GRM11 VMV KIA HS 64

Morse Steve, HS 59

Morse Wanda [Collins], NPJL

Morton Earl, VM2

Moseley Adolphus E. "Doff", GR406 PBM

Moseley Alvin, VM2

Moseley Bessie Elizabeth (Clark), GR623

Moseley Helen [Absher], NPJL

Moseley James , GR623

Moseley Lillian [Wilson], GR646-623

Moseley Ollie , GR407

Moseley William, VM2

Mosely Barbara, N

Mosely Betty Lee, N

Mosely Bob, HS 62

Mosely Mike, HS 64

Moser Linda, N

Moser Sonny, N

Mosley Helen [Absher], NPJL

Mosley Paul (Reverend), NPO

Mothershead Alma Lea, HS 46

Mott Mary [Waddle], GR515

Moye [Blaylock], HA

Moye Elizabeth? [Blackwell], HA

Moye Jennie, GR408 HA

Moyers Melvin , NPO

Mozier Daniel, BGS

Mozier Elizabeth C. (Tickell), BGS

Mulcahy David , HS 41

Mulcahy Debra Jane (Head), N

Mulcahy Dicie Lee (Whitworth), GR409-610

Mulcahy Marjorie "Margie" [Shipman], HS 44 GR606

Mulcahy Paul , GR409-610 NPO

Mulette Ann, NPJL

Mullin A. C., HS 41 VM2

Munsey George , NPMH 33

Murdock Doris, HS 41

Murdock Mary Jo [Kettey], GR463-K1

Murphy Bill, OBH

Murphy Ed, HA

Murphy Loy (Simmons), OBH

Murphy Mae, GCB 26

Murray Bill, INRT HA

Murray Helen, HA

Murray Less, HA

Murrie Wilma, HS 28

Musselman Cora [Griffin], NPMH 21

Mutrux Oliver, FC4

Myer Mary (Fowler), NPO

Myers Marjorie , NPJL

Myers Martin, HA

Myers Vernon, VM2

Myrrick Raymond (Reverend), NPO